Members of the mysterious Enigma project will perform live for the first time

Three Grammy nominations, 70 million sold records, over 100 gold and platinum album sale certifications and this is just a visible part of Enigma project’s mystery. Despite these stunning numbers the project has never toured or appeared in live shows. “Sadeness“, “Return to Innocence“, “Gravity of Love“ and many other hits will be performed live by original members from Enigma project. Andru Donalds, Angel X and Fox Lima whose voices were behind many Enigma songs will tour as “Original Enigma Voices“ in a first part of a worldwide tour in spring of 2019. Together with string orchestra and live band forthcoming 2-hour long shows will feature majority of popular Enigma songs with a fusion of classical and modern signature elements.

Founded in 1980’s by a German producer Michael Cretu, Enigma project entranced millions of listeners with unique and iconic sounds that are incomparable to anything. A synthesis of music styles, Gregorian chanting, ethnic psalms, church bells, organs and alike instruments creates a very specific, atmospheric and sometimes even psychedelic sounds. Overwhelming record sales and yet hidden faces have made Enigma one of the most popular and mystifying musical project of the last decades. The success of Enigma was an inspiration to many artists and producers including Gregorian project that performs modern pop and rock songs with a Gregorian chant-inspired style.

A show will feature over twenty songs from different albums, including “The Rivers of Belief“ from the first album “MCMXC A.D“ up to “Amen“ composition recorded in their last “The Fall of Live of a Rebel Angel“ album. Andru Donalds says that this will be a miraculous show and an unforgettable journey into a spellbinding world of sounds and imagery with yet unheard sound of songs. 

Angel 2019-03-26 - Enigma (© Eitvydas Kinaitis) (19)-min.JPG


Known as Andy “Angel“ Harde. German singer from Bavaria, sings under the name Angel X as the singer in ENIGMA project where he sang in one of ENIGMA biggest hits “Return to Innocence“.

Andru 2019-03-26 - Enigma (© Eitvydas Kinaitis) (03)-min.JPG


Since 1999 Andru has been one of the lead singers in ENIGMA. Andru performed in such ENIGMA classics like: “Seven Lives“, “Modern Crusaders“, “The Screen Behind The Mirror“, “Boum-Boum“ and many more. Co-wrote and performed “Je T’aime Till My Dying Day“ and “Distorted Love“ and was the backing vocal for the veritable message which is “The Same Parents“.

7DK_8690PRINT-min FOX.jpg


A singer and songwriter from Latvia. Her new age sound tied in with her silvery vocal brings us a one-of-a-kind listen. 2010 she won the competition for lead vocals for electronic group ENIGMA. Lima’s contribution as a vocalist and lyricist helped produce ENIGMA’s new single “The Social Song“. Listening to her voice and watching her dance in the video for “The Social Song“ evoke a hypnotic tranquility.